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Mundus Poland

Your all-in-one source for Poland

Stay informed: Comprehensive media- and policy monitoring

From a daily newsletter to comprehensive media and policy monitoring, Mundus Poland offers a wide range of publications and services tailored to your needs. As part of Mundus International, trusted by over 100 embassies in Sweden and Finland, we are excited to make Poland our next destination.

Mundus News Poland
Mundus News curates Poland's news in English with a comprehensive daily news summary from more than a dozen sources, including TV and radio.  Mundus News is perfect for those needing to follow Polish news and understand the diversity of views and opinion in Polish society.
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Mundus Weekly Poland
Stay on top of Polish policy- and parliamentary affairs. Published first thing on Monday morning, this report gives you a snapshot of the week ahead with links to events and press releases. Our news sections summarises and links to reports, statistics and economic forecasts.
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Media- and policy monitoring

Monitor what is said about your keywords across social media. Choose your country, language, keywords and frequency of reports. We do the rest  Read more here.

 Our policy monitoring service offers a unique opportunity to stay informed about relevant debates, decisions and policy news. Read more here.

Outstanding value

We are now introducing a comprehensive media- and policy monitoring solution tailored specifically for embassies in Warsaw.


Our service is designed as an all-in-one offer to meet your needs for news and analysis for Poland, both general information and for your bilateral relationship.

Our comprehensive package includes Mundus News Poland, Mundus Weekly Poland, and daily media monitoring.

Priced from €1,800 per year.

Mundus Weekly sample

Download a sample of Mundus Weekly Poland to stay on top of Polish policy and parliamentary affairs

Mundus Weekly Poland (110 x 110 px) (1000 x 1000 px).png

How to subscribe

Mundus International has been a trusted news provider for embassies, NGOs, corporates, organisations and institutions since 2014. Professionals and diplomats for whom knowledge is key and who rely upon us for accurate and nuanced reporting.

If you believe Mundus Poland could be useful for your embassy, send an email to to start the conversation.

For more information about our services in Poland, get in touch today.

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