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Media monitoring

Our Nordic-wide media monitoring service helps your organisation track what is reported in the media and gauge community reactions, while keeping you ahead of trends and public sentiment.

Service features

Having the data is just the start. Turning it into intelligence is what gives you the edge.

Customised reporting
Choose your country, language, keywords and frequency of reports. We do the rest

Translated news summaries
Translated summaries of news articles from and into a number of languages

News headlines
Daily reports with links to news. Alerts make you aware of issues as they break

Media intelligence analysis
Analysis of headlines, volumes, trends and engagement with the issues 

Social media

Monitor what is said about your keywords across social media

Executive summaries

Expertly-curated executive summaries

tailored to your needs

Achieve your strategic goals with our multi-dimensional approach

Real-time reporting and data-driven opinion-mover insights give you the full picture of how the community is reacting to your company.


Our decade-long in-house global analysis expertise combined with the latest tools turn the data into intelligence that makes sense to you and relates to your business operations, wherever they are in the world. We find the hidden facts and sift through a mass of information to provide you with an intelligent summary when you need it - ad-hoc, every day, every week, every month.

Media monitoring tailored to your needs

Do you need brief, daily news from within your industry or weekly/monthly analysis of the main news and trends, customised in a format that works for you?

Choose our bespoke Executive Summary to understand the issues and get translated summaries of the articles if language is an issue. Our simple, efficient and inexpensive service covers the Nordics and beyond.

Our reports are designed to meet your individual needs while presenting unbiased data and analysis.

If you would like more information about our Nordic media monitoring service, get in touch today.

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