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The Green transition in the nordics

Mundus Green Impact

Mundus Green Impact is a comprehensive business area dedicated to promoting sustainability, driving innovation, and fostering collaboration within the Nordic region and beyond.

Nordic Green News

Follow the Nordic green transition with our free weekly newsletter and supplemented with our own opinion pieces and expert commentary

Nordic Green Talks

Nordic Green Talks  facilitates an intimate environment to create dialoge, exchange innovative ideas and develop actionable strategies to drive green impact

Nordic Green Indices

Understand and track the major drivers of the green transition in the Nordics. Published each month the indices track total activity, dissecting it via country and technology type

Green AI-nnovation

Are you looking to develop your technology or climate strategies? Though our Silicon Valley partner, we provide high-end science and engineering insights to guide your plans, even decades into the future

If you’d like more information about the Mundus Green Impact business area, get in touch today.

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